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Making Dreams Come True

One day a little VW caravan camper sat hot, dusty and unused in Africa. It dreamed of faraway lands, it's glory days and street parties.then one day a girl saw it: 'Ooooo' she gleefully cried.I will rescue you, love you and give you a new she asked a kindly, burly, bearded man to pop her on a big boat. The brave little van set sail across the atlantic ocean to england so they could hac=ve adventures together.

food philosophy

basically our credentials are those of a 'greenie,tree hugger'!!

we love the planet, the grass, the ocean, the sky......

all our meat is local and british.

our fish is line-caught and sustainable.

our eggs free range.

our food, drink containers & cutlery are all bio degradable.

hire us

based in the west midlands We are available for private, corporate & party bookings with a minimum of 35 people.

veggie options come as standard but we can cater for any dietary requirements as long as we know in advance.

all we need is a space 5m long X 2m wide & a 13amp socket. We can provide an LPG GAS GENERATOR FOR A SMALL SURCHARGE IF THERE IS NO POWER POINT.

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